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Routing behind dsl?

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  • Routing behind dsl?

    We have a 'dsl connection provided to us from telus. They are selling it as a fully routed connection with 5 static IP addresses. We have an alcatel DSL Home Modem.

    I would like to know if we need to have a router to ba able to access the 5 ip addresses suplied to us via Telus?

    I would assume I could say plug in a switch to the LAN port on the DSL modem and setup 5 computers with the static IP addresses assigned to us using the DSL modems IP address as the gateway.

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    Re: Routing behind dsl?

    I'm curious to see what their definition of "Fully Routed" is.

    If they are giving you 5 IP's and you have 5 PC's you can hard configure each PC to an IP, hook them all to a switch (or a hub -- ouch) and it should all work.

    Here's the number one reason I would get a modern consumer router (WiFi, the works) -- an extra firewall between the web and your machines. Now with this router, you'll only use 1 of the 5 IP's but don't feel like you're missing out on 4/5 of the action. That router can more than fill whatever capacity you're paying for on that DSL modem.

    Even though the firewalls on the DLink's, LinkSys's, NetGear's, SMC's (sorry if I missed your brand) of the world fall short of anything commercial strength, they do offer an extra line of defense in front of the default Microsoft firewall I'm guessing your PC's will be using AND this firewall built in to the router isn't prone to viruses and the like.

    All the other reasons like WiFi, NAT, DMZ, etc. are probably a secondary issue for you if all you want to do is surf the web w/ these 5 machines.

    When I set up Grandma's machine on DSL, I put my tired old SMC router in between the PC and the DSL modem and she hasn't had a problem yet. Her friend is on the same ISP and keeps getting hammered with attacks (I turned on logging on both their MS Firewalls and it isn't pretty).

    I'm sure others will have alternate points of view that are just as, if not more, valid. I'm guessing all will suggest you buy a router.


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