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Cisco 3640 NVRAM & Flash Error... No boot

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  • Cisco 3640 NVRAM & Flash Error... No boot

    Hello everybody and congratulation for the forum...
    I am having a problem with a cisco 3640 that I have in work. First the topology...
    The 3640 is connected to a leased line (PPP) to the other building. The 3640 have also two modems (sychronous/asychronous) for vpn connection (simple remote users connects to the intranet through the two modems.) So now about the problem....
    The System Led on the front blinking and I thing that means the router doesnt boot.(sorry for my bad english).
    I connect to the router with console and I saw that the router is rommon mode.
    When I make a reset the router says that the NVRAM is corrupted or bad.
    When I type meminfo flash: the router says that the flash memory is in 64bit but a week ago when I succed to insert to router(config)# mode and configure the router I couldnt save the config to memory. Bad flash memmory....
    Now when I type dir flash: the router says that flash have error, or it is empty.
    As I can understand the router lost the ios and all the configuration. I dont have the ios. Can someone tell me which ios I have to use?

    Can you help me please...?
    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Cisco 3640 NVRAM & Flash Error... No boot

    Hi Pras,
    Thanks for your post.
    If you are in rommon, I would reboot the router and look for errors in booting to see if you can figure out what is going wrong.
    Assuming your flash is bad, I would take it out clean the gold connections, reinsert, and reboot.
    As for what IOS to use, it varies on what features you need. You can use the Cisco IOS Upgrade Planner to help you choose what version of the IOS is right for you. Here is a link:
    (requires a CCO login, FREE)
    Let us know how it goes and we would be glad to help!
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