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Server 03 Terminal Server Default Screensaver Settings

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  • Server 03 Terminal Server Default Screensaver Settings

    I have brought up a couple Server03 TS boxes and am having people use a RDC connection I created which goes straight into an application. Everything works fine but when each profile is created there is a default screensaver setting of lock at 10 minutes.

    I want to get rid of or atleast change the default setting that it hands out, I don't want to use the local policy to set / enforce a specific time for EVERY user, I just don't want that short screensaver setting given to them by default.

    The problem is since I send them stright into an app, they can't change ss settings. I don't want to have to login once for each user and get rid of the autolock after 10 minute setting.

    Thanks for any info, I can't find any.


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    Default Profile

    Please create custom default profile with the require settings:

    Also, please verity that you use the TS in “Application Mode” and not “Remote” mode.

    Tip: There option to disable screen saver via GPO. Each server should
    be under the same OU and then configure to it GPO.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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