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Moving Cals from one server to another

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  • Moving Cals from one server to another

    I activated TS license service, and purchased 70 device Cal.

    Next week I'm going to activated another TS license server on another site, my question : is it possible to move Device-Cal from one TS license server to another one?

    thanks for the help

    Boaz Galil

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    Re: Moving Cals from one server to another

    Check out whether this is the one you are looking for...;en-us;q248430


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      Re: Moving Cals from one server to another

      Are you planning to decommission the existing TSL or simply bring in another one for load balancing??

      You should back up your Terminal Services Licensing server regularly by using the Windows Backup tool or something similar. Regular backups will help protect your licensing data from accidental loss if your system experiences hardware or storage failure.

      When backing up a Terminal Server Licensing server, back up both the system state data and the folder in which the Terminal Server Licensing server is installed. This step ensures that data in both the registry and the Terminal Services licensing server database is backed up.

      If you restore the system state data and the database to the original Terminal Services licensing server computer, any unissued licenses are restored correctly as long as you have not replaced the operating system on the computer. Otherwise, any unissued licenses are not restored, and an event will appear in the system log providing the unissued count.

      You can still restore the unissued licenses by using the TS License Manager tool with the Telephone activation mechanism, and requesting the licenses back. You can switch to the Telephone mechanism by right clicking on the server in TS License Manager, and then selecting properties from the menu.

      For more question check out Frequently Asked Questions About Terminal Services