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  • Mstsc Error

    When I Use Mstsc And Log In To Remote Computer The Errors Comes On The Screen :remote Computer Is Not Enable".

    But When I Delete The Keys From The Registry,it Works, Can Anybody Tell Me The Reason.

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    Re: Mstsc Error

    The key in the Registry that says "remote Computer Is Not Enable" is set to = true, remote computer is not enabled. Once the key has been deleted it no longer says that it is not enabled, therefore it is enabled.

    Not a good idea to delete Registry keys
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      Re: Mstsc Error


      Ik asked you before on an other thread to provide more info.

      What OS do you want to remotely administer?
      How did you set this up?
      Do you want to administer or do you want to setup a Terminal Server Based Computing?
      Which keys did you delete including the path?
      Where did you delete the registry keys? Client or remote server?

      Think before posting and read the sticky post which you can find it for this forum right here:

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