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Printing From Citrix

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  • Printing From Citrix

    Can anyone enlighten me about why a Citrix Metaframe app wont pick up localised printer settings ie, added trays , duplex unit.

    Clients are using Win XP pro SP2 printing to networked HP 5100tn's with duplex units

    When i print a letter from citrix and i click on the properties button to bring up the print preferences all it shows is the basic printer and not the extra trays or duplexor which is contradictory to local machine settings

    also when a client prints from a word doc locally then everything prints fine.
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    Re: Printing From Citrix

    I've seen Citrix printer issues before, where printers just disappear. Log out of Citrix, log back in. Wouldn't hurt when logged out that you confirm this via the server as well.

    WHY this happens? No idea.
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      Re: Printing From Citrix

      What driver are you using on the Citrix server for this printer? UPD or Windows native driver? If you're using the Universal Print Driver (UPD), you're not going to get many of the options you'd expect from a printer because the UPD emmulates an older but reliable/stable print driver.

      To troubleshoot the Citrix UPD, see:

      BTW, if you're not using the UPD, I would highly highly highly recommend using only Windows native printer drivers, in other words, printer drivers that come with the Windows server operating system that you have your Citrix platform running on. Do this to maintain stability of your Citrix servers and your farm. One of the leading causes of blue screens or server problems is printer drivers. Anyone who has been around Citrix long enough will also tell you that you could just about specialize in a career dedicated to printing issues in a Citrix environment.

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        Re: Printing From Citrix

        thanks jasonboche
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