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Backup and RESTORE procedure for Citrix Server

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  • Backup and RESTORE procedure for Citrix Server

    Recently, I was required to change the partition size of a Citrix server because the system partition kept getting filled up and the data partition was hardly used at all.

    After doing what I thought was a Full Offline Backup (using the Microsft Backup utility with most of the services shut down, I wiped the RAID drives, created the partitions using the same drive letters, installed Windows 2000 again, and then tried to do a complete Restore from one of the two full backups I had saved.

    It didn't take.

    At first, I couldn't get the IMA service to start. I had a large variety of problems that all seemed to boil down to Microsoft certificates and Citrix certificates don't play nice in the sandbox together after a restore.

    I tried all sorts of things, including uninstalling and reinstalling Citrix completely (which it wouldn't do even after I forced an uninstall). I wiped the server, reinstalled, did another restore, and tried again. Still no luck.

    My final solution was to wipe the server again and just build it from scratch.

    It's up and running, and there are even a few improvements since I remapped the drives this time like I wish I had done the first time. But the question remains, is there a proper way to back up and restore a Citrix server so you don't have to rebuild after disaster or a partition change?

    I would really appreciate an expert opinion.

    Rex Derby

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    Re: Backup and RESTORE procedure for Citrix Server

    1. You can move the access database (default store of Citrix) to regular SQL:

    This will allow you to get faster perfomance & each server doesnt relay on
    one Citrix server that hold the database.

    2. Citrix backup tool: dsmaint backup x:\path

    After you implement database backup, you can backup the server with NTBACKUP.

    Also, please review the following guide:


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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