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terminal services printing

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  • terminal services printing

    How can I setup to print locally any data accessed remotely through terminal services?

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    for what im doing in the company. I have the printer installed on the user end. then from the terminal server, I add in the user's printer and sets the ip address of the user PC. it's sort of a loop.


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      You do not need to explicitly connect the user-side printers.
      User printers will be automatically connected in his TS session if you have it configured in TS settings.

      All you need is to have the drivers for user printers available on the TS server.
      Guy Teverovsky
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        strange but for my users on another remote site when they are using the erp application through Terminal svc, they cannot see and print to the local printer. what i have to do is to setup the printer with the respective ipaddress of the client's pc. then they can see and print to the local printer.