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failover and clustering license requirement

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  • failover and clustering license requirement

    Hello All:

    We are in the process of deploying a terminal server for 300 users on an IBM x3650 M4 with 2 x E5-2620 v2 2.10 6 core processors with 4 x 16GB memories and 2 x 300GB SAS drives on RAID 1. OS: Windows Server 2012 Standard R2.

    My queries:
    1. Can 1 such server support 300 terminal server users?
    2. If I deploy 2 such servers for with clustering and failover, I suppose I will require a 3rd server as a domain controller. In this case, do we require 2 licenses? or 3?

    Thanks & Regards

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    Re: failover and clustering license requirement

    Moved to the Terminal Services forum.

    As for no 1, I would not expect the server to support 300 concurrent users. It's down to what they are using on the server and the concurrent usage to gain a more accurate estimation. We typically have 25-30 users on a virtual RDSH server with 4 CPUs and 16GB of memory allocated though they do use some business applications as well as oppose to the standard Office etc.


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      Re: failover and clustering license requirement


      For 300x users I would recommended to use the following specification:

      2x Servers in a role of clustered Session Broker.
      9x Servers in a role of Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) with RemoteFx support.
      1x Server in a role of License Server (Can be installed on exiting server - but I wouldn't recommended to install it on DC or/and heavy load server)
      2x Load Balancer with support RD Connection Broker routing tokens (recommended).
      Best Regards,

      Yuval Sinay

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