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Default Local Printer not being Redirected

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  • Default Local Printer not being Redirected


    we have a Windows 2003 Terminal Server, in a Windows 2000 AD Domain.

    The client PC has several printers installed and its default printer is mapped to \\server\printer$, I have enabled the RDP client to map local printers. When I connect to the TS it defaults to any of the printers that are connected on the client, and never the one set as default.

    I have checked Technet, and the articles mentioned there seem to relate to printer drivers not being installed rather the TS session randomly picking a printer for default.

    For testing purposes I have put a icon on their desktop that if they click before they log into the application uses the con2prt.exe and forces the TS default printer to the correct one.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my clients to connect to the correct default printer?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Default Local Printer not being Redirected


    Check the event log on TS and search if it was unable to find a driver for the client's default printer.

    If more clients uses the some local/domain user to longon remotely on a TS simultaneous, default printer of the last client connected will be seted too for all of the others.


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      Re: Default Local Printer not being Redirected

      hi there

      thanks for the reply, I have just found this article this morning on Technet

      It seems the problem was due to the printer I wanted to set as default, was setup using a UNC path \\server\printer$ , and TS prefers a lpt1,com1,usb connection. All I did was add the registry key from the article and my users are now happy.