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TS Broker installation questions

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  • TS Broker installation questions

    I have a terminal services environment that currently has 1 domain controller (SBS 2011) (running Exchange/AD/File sharing etc) and 1 terminal server (2008 R2).
    We have 30 users on the system but this is due to expand so we want to make allowances for the additional workload.

    I have started reading up on the use of TS Broker and I see best practices dictate that we should use round robin DNS to distribute initial authentication, and that we should also have a dedicated machine for TS Broker, which then distributes users between all TS servers.

    We are planning this on quite a small scale (we are looking at around 35-40 users total in the next 12 months, so still a small setup).
    Just wondering if its supported/advisable to just install TS Broker on the existing TS, then add 1 more TS to the equation, and let the current TS send additional requests to the second server.
    Also I wonder if we definitely need the DNS round robin setup for our environment - I am assuming this is advised to reduce authentication load on the terminal servers?.

    Any thoughts?
    David Silvester
    Systems Administrator

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    Re: TS Broker installation questions


    First of all, I would recommended to move to regular domain & not using SBS.
    My recommendation is to use a dedicated TS broker. However, you may consider to use other alternatives like . You can use the load balancer with sticky bit capability to divide the load between the servers.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: TS Broker installation questions

      Sounds like good advise. I think I will go with dedicated TSBroker.
      David Silvester
      Systems Administrator