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  • Printer Redirection

    Hi All,

    I have a network printer that is installed on a terminal server. 2008 R2 64bit. I have a user that connects outside of the office but needs to be able to print to this printer from his local Windows 7 32bit laptop. He can log into the server and printer from there but he has photoshop,publiser & other software that isn't installed on the server that he needs. I have been able to redirect local printers to a terminal server but not the other way around. Any ideas?
    Also I have installed both the 64 & 32 bit drivers on both machines.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Re: Printer Redirection



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      Re: Printer Redirection

      Thank you for your quick reply joeqwerty! Your reply lead me to find out that Print Management wasn't installed on the TS. I'm new to this so I just installed Print Services. I do see the internet printing option. Should I installed that as well?

      Thank you!


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        Re: Printer Redirection

        I don't know anything about how to configure it, I only know that it's a possible solution for you. You'll need to figure it out for yourself or wait for someone else to chime in.


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          Re: Printer Redirection

          I'm testing it now. Thanks again for your help.


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            Re: Printer Redirection

            Glad to help. Let us know how it works out.


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              Re: Printer Redirection

              I was able to the IPP to work internally. Here are some great directions that really helped me. Now I'm working on getting it to work over WAN.

              How to Configuring IPP on Windows Server 2008

              what I'm going to suggest will remove any secure funtionality but it will work and from there, someone can add the secure funtionality back properly.

              1. Go to 'Server Manager' and 'Roles'.
              2. Under the 'Print Services' role, choose 'Add Role Services' and make sure 'Internet Printing' is installed.
              3. Assuming you have printers already installed on your Print Server, from a computer on your network, type in the address using the local machine name. Example: http://{servername}/printers. Your printers should be listed, even (shared) Faxes.
              4. Now this proves that the service is up and running
              5. From an external client computer, type in the URL, http://{}/printers. I had to use the IP instead of name, for some reason the name would not resolve properly...
              6. your printers will list but you wont be able to install the drive due to it failing because of not finding the printer name.
              7. I also noticed in the pdf link listed above there is no mention of having to log onto the site. You log in using the proper domain/username.
              8. Well the down and dirty solution i used was to disable windows authentication for the particular site - go into IIS 7.0 - Default Web Sites\Printers. highlight the "Printers" folder.
              9. double click the "Authentication" icon, and disable "Windows Authentication" and verify "Authorization Rules" lists "Allow" and "All Users". This gets rid of the challenge box.
              10. Manually download the drivers onto the client and install the drivers via Print Server Properties (As Administrator)..
              11. Open IE go to Tools\Internet Options. select the Security Tab. slide the security level to medium. uncheck the "protected mode" box. click "ok". close and re-open browser.
              12. now go back to the printers website and select your printer. click "connect".

              this works for me so i can at least sample the tech!
              PS. there is an active x module that will prompt you for installation - please do install