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Unable to assign License to RDS 2012

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  • Unable to assign License to RDS 2012

    Hi Forum,
    First Post here.

    I encounter something odd. After installing RDS on windows server 2012. I activated the license server, add RDS per user license for 2012 succesfully. but The RDS diagnoser still says no license available.

    Any Ideas would be appreciated

    I understand that there is a remote desktop session host server configuration tool in server 2012 but I just cannot find it.
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    Re: Unable to assign License to RDS 2012

    have you read/looked at this page:
    Deploying Remote Desktop Licensing Step-by-Step Guide

    how do you have the licenses defined? check to verify that the licensing mode is set to 'Per User in Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration' (tsconfig.msc).

    does the licensing server say it is 'activated'? the more info the better...

    i will also refer you to this article:
    Best Practices Analyzer for Remote Desktop Services

    there may be something there that could help.
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