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IE uses correct credintials, firefox uses admin credintials Windows 2012

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  • IE uses correct credintials, firefox uses admin credintials Windows 2012

    Hello all, this is my first post here and I do hope someone might be able to shed a little light onto the subject. Allow me to give a little background to better understand the situation.

    First off, I started working with this company in Nov. of last year. They had a pre-exsisting network and server setup with Remote Desktop and RDWeb with Windows 2008 R2 as a "Backup" of their "cloud" services. I have been out of work for nearly 2 years and have been out of touch with the windows industry since vista. (Still hardcore XP man, lol.)

    I had been hired on as IT assistance due to their IT tech being released recently and found a googleplex of a network with a lot of misconfigurations. Most I was fortunate to iron out, afterwards we had decided to update the cloud backup to Windows Server 2012.

    Everything is basically mirrored from the original machine, and I had upgraded the backup to 2012 after splitting the RD role away from the AD role on the physical server with a virtual 2012 server.

    My question is, is there something that I could have mis-configured that would cause Internet Explorer to allow RDWeb users to use their own credentials when logging in using a RemoteApp, but on Chrome and Firefox the credentials are changed to mine?

    Has anyone else run into this problem with a basic out-of-the-box config of RDWeb with other web browsers using different login credentials?

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help or guidance. It is very much appreciated!

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    Added info: IE uses correct credintials, firefox uses admin credintials Windows 2012

    The whole thing has me confused, I know RDP files are generally used in the MSTSC.exe (basically it doesn't matter which browser you use, the "way" the RDP file is still run remains all the same), the only difference that I can tell is that Internet Explorer is translating a "User environment variable" the correct way, but when logged in from firefox, somehow that variable changes to replace the actual profile name that is logged in with my user profile name.

    This is a copy of the parameters that are being used to start the program, which work just fine when the user uses IE and logs in.

    (-normal /runtime /excl /profile "ImagineTime" /wrkgrp "%APPDATA%\system.mdw" "%APPDATA%\TB2000.mde")
    Parentheses added to show exact start and stopping points.

    Now I am clueless about why the parameters would need this much information (I assume it is due to the fact that the program in question is a custom made application using MS Access)

    I hope this extra bit of info will help to assist in narrowing down this problem. This seems to be the only other problem we have currently with this setup (aside from C: drive appearing when a customer tries to save and we only want them to be able to see a "home" directory and nothing else.)

    Thanks again for the reads and I do hope someone has a bit of experience with 2012, Lord knows how much i despise it for taking the win8 useless-interface.