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RDP Session Broker with Token Redirection

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  • RDP Session Broker with Token Redirection

    I'm wondering if someone can clear something up for me concerning token redirection with session broker.

    I have an F5 Load Balancer configured with a pool of terminal servers and want to run token redirection for session persistence since my F5 supports it. Everything on the F5 has been setup, but I'm really not clear on the configuration on the broker side.

    Obviously I have to change the re-connection method from IP to token redirection, but I'm not clear on what the IP address for re-connection should be in the selection box. I am assuming that this is the IP address that is hashed into the token that is delivered back to the client and then read by the LB. The default local ip of the TS I would imagine won't work, so is this supposed to be the public address of the TS that I'm configuring?

    The Microsoft documenation below says that the IP must meet BOTH of these requirements. I can't see how this is even possible:
    It must be the IP address of the network adapter that is connected to the load balancer.
    It must be the address that is configured on the load balancer as the IP address for the RD Session Host server.

    Can anyone enlighten me on this one?
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    Re: RDP Session Broker with Token Redirection

    Please review F5 deployment guide:
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