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TS licenses and Citrix Presentation Server

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  • TS licenses and Citrix Presentation Server

    How does Citrix presentation server and Windows TS relate to each other? I know very little about citrix, but have a Windows 2003 server that holds my citrix TS licenses and I need to move these to a Windows Server 2008 server. When I do this, how do I tell citrix to look to a different server?

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    Re: TS licenses and Citrix Presentation Server

    Citrix extend the Terminal Server capabilities. If you don't have experience with Citrix, please contact IT consult. A Citrix upgrade may require for the required task etc.
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      Re: TS licenses and Citrix Presentation Server

      You need to detail a bit more perhaps.

      Citrix uses TS to establish how many users are entitled to utilize Terminal Services.
      Simply move the CAL's, and point your Citrix Server to the new Licensing Server, using TS Manager.

      If the 2003 server that you are talking about is a Citrix Server or Licensing server already, and that system needs to be upgraded to 2008, or removed from domain, than you need to re-install Citrix Licensing Components onto the new server, and re-allocate the licenses via your mycitrix portal.

      Best to get a Citrix Tech in to do a reinstall if you are not experienced. A fair bit can come into play. Don't blindly upgrade to 2008 either. Do your research and check if you can move your citrix to that OS for starters, and whether the specs are correct etc etc.