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Question for TS Pro's

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  • Question for TS Pro's

    Hello All,

    Here's the Situation. Server 2003. I'm coming into an existing environment as clients new tech. This is a library. My issue is as follows:

    Client uses TS on some Wyse Dummy Terminals for PAC(patron access computers). the PAC profile is locked down, launches IE when the profile loads and it's supposed to load a specific website, their local digital card catalog. For some reason the home page has switched to default IE6 home page. I've looked at the group policy and within User>IE>ImportantURL>Homepage everything is set correctly.

    Cant post pictures yet, but i've got some dropbox links if anyone needs to see them. under TS tab there is a profile path of \\server\folder\folder\profile

    Basically the changes i'm making using GP isn't working. I'm not very well versed in TS Profiles, so any help is appreciated.

    Thanks all,


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    Re: Question for TS Pro's

    Please use:Group Policy Modeling & Group Policy Results :

    and then review:Loopback processing of Group Policy
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Re: Question for TS Pro's

      What you've described is the default behavior of Internet Explorer Maintenance GPO settings. Here's an article that explians how to circumvent the default behavior in order to force the GPO settings to be applied every time:


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        Re: Question for TS Pro's

        @yuval I will give that a look

        @joe all of the policies for IE are working except for URL settings. it's opening full screen, with all the custom header, no address/menu etc. it's just the home page setting.


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          Re: Question for TS Pro's

          would anyone like to take a remote look? i really can't figure it out.


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            Re: Question for TS Pro's

            have you run GP modelling? That'll tell you what policies are taking priority..
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