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Event id 1096 & 1019 After Reboot

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  • Event id 1096 & 1019 After Reboot

    I am receiving event id's of 1096 & 1019 after a weekly reboot with no updates being applied. I have 7 xenapp servers that are all logging registry.pol (Userenv) as an "access is denied". I have verified that the .pol exists in the proper %sysvol% directory. And the 1019 is giving me "access is denied" Windows cannot set registry value DisableTaskMgr. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do not understand why this would start happening out of the blue on a simple reboot. Thanks Doug

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    Re: Event id 1096 & 1019 After Reboot

    Did you use RSoP to check if no GPO settings was added/change?
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