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Easy Print failing on some computers

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  • Easy Print failing on some computers

    I have a problem where one computer will print to a local network printer from a TS session to another town, but three others will not ("Test Page failed to print").
    The details:
    The printer is a Brother MFC-8370DN.
    The Server is Win 2008 R2 - It's not a DC
    The computer that prints runs Win 7 Home SP1 32 bit
    The computers that don't print are Win7 Pro SP1 32 and 64 bit
    All run the same version of the RDP client (6.1.7601)
    One of the computers that won't print show the following versions for dot net
    3.57092 - 3.0.30729 - 2.0.5727 - 4.0C - 4.0E
    I don't have the specifics from the good computer but it showed dot net 4 in installed programs.
    The fault is independant of the logged on user in the TS session.

    I've turned on logging the print jobs on the clients and the server and the only differences I can see are that the failed jobs stop on the server after "Spooling job", the files are not written to spool\printers and nothing appears in the client logs. The spool\printers dir has everyone full controll permissions. There are no Errors or warnings in the logs that relate to printing.
    Another interesting thing is that all the other redirected printers work, including the Fax printer on the Brother MFC.

    I am out of ideas, I'd appreciate any troubleshooting tips, particularly on how to get more logging details out of windows, mostly as to why it stops at spooling

    It seems that _something_ is different on the 'good' machine but I haven't been able to find it, all machines had the print driver loaded from the same manufacturer CD. I've also tried the latest downloaded drivers. I'm taking in another Win 7 home machine tomorrow to test but that seems to be a long shot.
    All ideas appreciated!
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    Re: Easy Print failing on some computers

    I show that some other customers reported on the some issues iwth Brother printers - so its recommanded to conect their support.
    Meanwhile, can you try to add full control on the following print server folder:

    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Easy Print failing on some computers

      Thanks Yuval, I've contacted Brother and I'll report if the issue is resolved.