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Choosing RDP App or Local App ?

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  • Choosing RDP App or Local App ?

    hej hej . .

    I have set up a network with a RDP environment for assigning some applications to the users. The remote applications are placed in a special folder in the start-menu. Everything works (sometimes slow to connect) but there are some serious doubts about setting up this environment.

    On my own system i have no serious issues, when i'm connected to the network (local or vpn) but a lot of the other users have problems with working on Remote Apps.

    On my system I don't have any application installed, but the other users have also the (most) applications installed on their local system. When they open an Word document they got the question about opening Remote or local, even when they are not connected on the network . . Okay I need always a connection, but other users are not always connected (working abroad/customer site etc)

    Is there an possibility to automatically choose the application (RDP or Local) depending on the connection ?

    So, not connected to network default the local Applications IP adres . . . connected to LAN or VPN default the Remote Apps . .

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Choosing RDP App or Local App ?

    1. You can use some script to check some settings and apply the required step.
    2. Citrix can offer offer you option to work offline / online with Application streaming support.

    * You may use Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) & SCCM for example, but Citrix is the best oofer.

    3. Check for third party solutions like Appsenese.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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