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TS 2003 'Access is denied.'

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  • TS 2003 'Access is denied.'

    This little problem has gotten me stumped a bit, I'm having problems teasing out what could be causing it and what's just another symptom.

    basically when a user logs on they get an 'access is denied' error and we see winlogon event ID 1219 in a applog:

    Logon rejected for DOMAIN\user. Unable to obtain Terminal Server User Configuration. Error: Access is denied.

    this happens for all domain users including admin. local admin account CAN log in successfully.

    after a reboot it works fine for a bit then we get the same problem again.
    (so far it's happened twice today, and once last friday)

    while in the 'not working' state I tried a gpupdate /force which failed with userenv 1006 and userenv 1030. but I'm pretty sure these are just symptoms not a cause. in working state it gpupdates fine.

    the only other clue I can see is a LsaSrv SPNEGO 40960 error in the sys log:
    The Security System detected an authentication error for the server cifs/domaincontrolder.fqdn The failure code from authentication protocol Kerberos was "There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.

    this seemed to happen at around the same time the remote user logged in and it started giving the access denied error, however I suspect this is just another symptom.

    anyone have any other ideas?

    fortunately this TS is used by only a few people. (four at the most, today only one)

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    Re: TS 2003 'Access is denied.'

    havbe you restarted the TS?
    It cannot contact the domain and authenticate as a server, so it's failing ao authenticate users.

    Check your dns settings.
    Look at the event logs on the AD Server.
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      Re: TS 2003 'Access is denied.'

      Rebooted both the DC and the TS. rebooting the TS solves the problem temporarily.

      DNS is fine, can ping the DC by name when it's playing up.

      nothing of interest in the DC logs.


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        Re: TS 2003 'Access is denied.'

        something is breaking the connection to the domain.
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