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Terminal server and user profile

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  • Terminal server and user profile

    hi all,
    i'm having an issue with just one user (of over 200) where her profile keeps getting recreated with the .domain folder on windows 2003

    so she would log in as user
    next morning she would log in as user, and on the server the file structure would be as follows
    documents and settings\user (her original user profile)
    documents and settings\user.domain

    the following morning
    documents and settings\user.domain01

    the following mornign
    documents and settings\user.domain02


    i dont know how to stop this from happening.
    please advise.

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    Re: Terminal server and user profile

    There are few missing issue like OS update level, is AV is using on the server etc.
    The issue can create due system bug, antivirus locks etc.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Terminal server and user profile

      I would consider using a program like delprof2 (search google first result) to delete the profile. This small program deletes the profile properly...and then see what happens.

      Be careful when you use the program. Use the /p switch for it to ask you to confirm each one. First you press "y" to delete profiles and then it'll ask y or n for each one and just keep clicking n until her profile comes up. Make sure she's not logged in. I don't think delprof2 has a way to select the specific profile you want to delete.