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Joining Terminal Services Server to AD domain

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  • Joining Terminal Services Server to AD domain

    Currently our users need to remember about 5-10 usernames/passwords.

    Planning to implement Active Directory so that every user will have a single username/password used for everything.

    Currently, we have a Terminal Services computer and every user has a local account on here. When I join this to the domain, what happens to the local user directories?

    Currently under C:\Users we have user directories like:

    Using same naming conventions for AD accounts, so I assume if above users log into TS using AD account, new home directories will be created called:

    (Where AD is the NetBios name of our domain.)

    So to successfully migrate, I assume every user will need to log in and then I would have to copy the contents of the asmith folder over to asmith.AD, etc? Correct?

    Is my understanding correct or is there a more efficient way?

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    Re: Joining Terminal Services Server to AD domain

    So you have the right idea. When you join this server to the domain, nothing happens to the local accounts. They remain on that server.

    When a domain user logs on for the first time, if a profile exists with the username, a new user profile will be created, called netBIOSDomainName.userID.

    There are profile migration tools out there, but if there are only a few users, copying the profile manually may be the quickest route.
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