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Folder redirection and permissions

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  • Folder redirection and permissions


    I'm trying to setup a TS system and am having a tough time figuring out the right way to setup profiles for users. Here is the issue:

    Two servers: TS1 & FS1

    There will be users from different groups

    The groups will have their own shared directories. Group A will have full access to the shared dirs for both GroupA & B. Group B will only have access to the shared folder for Group B.
    \\FS1\GrpAShare = D:\Shared\GrpA
    \\FS1\GrpBShare = D:\Shared\GrpB
    \\FS1\AllShares = D:\Shared

    The users all have roaming profiles. \\FS1\Profiles\%username%

    The users don't need personal files at all and I don't want them to store anything on the terminal server.

    I am trying to figure out how to set things up so that when a user does a "File/Open" it defaults to the group shared folder and not the users individual documents folder.
    When I try using folder redirection it fails unless the user is the owner of the folders. I tried making the group the owner but it seems that it needs to be an explicit assignment.

    Let me know if I need to give more information.

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    Re: Folder redirection and permissions

    Please review:
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