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Remote Desktop behind ISA 2004

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  • Remote Desktop behind ISA 2004

    Hi, I'm maintain 2 offices in different buildings (connected using leased line) and we have different subnet in both offices. It's and in another office, I plan to maintain another office which I'm not base on it through Remote Desktop (all clients is XP Pro) but always failed to connected to the clients in another offices, vice versa (it's working well for the clients in the same building). Our gateway is Microsoft ISA Server 2004, we have all open rule enabled with some known threats blocked (Sasser, Blaster, etc). Hereunder is our network configuration : Building A network gateway (ISA 2004) and Building B network is with gateway (Cisco router). Building B did not have direct internet connection, their internet access using Building A proxy server also (connected using leased line connection with Cisco router in both side).What's the protocols I have allowed or what 's the setting I've to make to can use Remote Desktop for both offices? thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Remote Desktop behind ISA 2004

    Source Port: TCP Any, Destination TCP Port 3389
    But I think your network topology need to change.
    Install in each office ISA 2004 and internet connection.
    Create a VPN tunnel from one ISA to another.


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