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How to set up Remote FX on a virtual server

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  • How to set up Remote FX on a virtual server

    Just seeing if anyone has had any luck in getting remote fx going? Have done a lot of reading & a lot of testing & cannot seem to get it going.

    I have a Dell R710 server with a Xeon E5640 CPU. I want to install Hyper V & have a guest RDSH server running inside Hyper V using remote FX.

    I can't find out anywhere if I actually NEED to enable the remote fx 3D adapter or not. Because if I enable it, I get the following error.

    "microsoft synthetic 3D display controller, failed to power on"

    I followed the links here, but they dont seem to relate to what I am trying to set up. I followed them anyway & still get the error above.

    Brian Madden mentions that you DONT need a GPU if your are using the setup I am trying to create, but fails to supply a guide.

    Now if you want to connect to a "traditional" Terminal Server with via RemoteFX, here's what you need to know:
    First of all, your Terminal Server (err, Remote Desktop Session Host) has to be running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. But if you're using Terminal Server, you do NOT need to have a GPU installed on the server. (To repeat: You do not need a GPU in your server to connect via RemoteFX to a Terminal Server.) In fact a using a GPU on a Terminal Server is not even supported, so if you do have one it's not even used."

    Is there something obvious I am missing, or is there some pre-requisite I forgot, or some way of troubleshooting this?

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    Re: How to set up Remote FX on a virtual server

    In case of issues, its recommaded to review the offical vendor note:

    Hardware Considerations for RemoteFX
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      Re: How to set up Remote FX on a virtual server

      The remotefx video driver is only needed for a windows 7 guest. An rds server does not use it.
      Also if you want to use windows 7 as guest in hyper-v and use remote fx, the standard gpu of a server will not do the job. The needs to be high performance graphics in the server.

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