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terminal serives on server 2003

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  • terminal serives on server 2003

    I'm currently looking into terminal services.

    I need to think about builidng a farm of servers, a cluster came to mind, but i found out that terminal services is a not a cluster-aware application.

    I know it supports NLB, but the applications we plan to host are more cpu intensive and we fear that we may have one zealous user performing high calculations and NLB is not aware of this fact and are still sending users to that particular server still.

    we need a way to offload users to different servers on the farm, so is ctirix the way to go?

    for a starting point,

    I really just want terminals services to be smart enough to say, ok this server is busy, send user 123ab to server2 because its more free.

    is there built in functionality like that in terminal services or do i have to buy 3rd party software?

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    Re: terminal serives on server 2003

    I don't know a great deal about terminal servers but i think your best bet is to look at maybe citrix.

    Maybe some of the other real guru's can help


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      Re: terminal serives on server 2003

      You can get overview on TS 2003:

      I guess as wullieb1 sad, you will need to but third party product.
      Due the fact that Citrix is the best vendor, I guess that but Citrix
      Advanced Server/Enterprise server will give you a full solution.


      Best Regards,

      Yuval Sinay

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