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  • Terminal Services

    Hi all,

    I m having Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition with Terminal Services.

    My previous admin had installed the servers and kept the terminal services licensing only to 2 users, thru which only 2 remote users can login simultaneously into the server.

    How can I increase the terminal server licensing so that 10 users can simultaneously login into the server remotely.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

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    Re: Terminal Services

    It sounds like your server is only in "Remote Aministration Mode", which means you do not require a Terminal Services Client access license, mind you it is only meant to be for administration.
    You need to go to Add Remove Programs/Windows Components/ and install Terminal Server and Terminal Server Licensing, however be aware that once you do this you will have to buy Terminal Services CAL's for each user as they will be assigned temporary licenses which will expire.
    Also you need to decide if you want per device or per user licensing modes, per device will lock on to workstation names, per user will lock on user names logging in.
    This should allow you more than two concurrent TS sessions.

    Please note the above is the legal way of doing in it, and I do not know nor do I wish to know if there is a way to breach Microsoft licensing by hacking the registry ...