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Moving from Citrix to RDS

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  • Moving from Citrix to RDS

    Currently in the process of upgrading our domain at woro to 2k8 R2 and as part of that we have decided to move from Citrix to RDS.

    At present we have a single Citrix server inside the LAN and a Citrix Secure Gateway server (also running Citrix Web Interface) in the DMZ.

    I have done some testing on 2k8 R2 RDS internally on our test bed, but want to take it a step further now and put a live test up so selected users can try it out.

    Now I need to get myself up to speed on the different bits of RDS and what goes where and how, as I have only used it on the internal test bed and been "playing" more than doing serious testing/development.

    Could someone please advise what components of RDS I need to install and what sort of configuration I need to be looking at to recreate a scenario like I have with Citrix (LAN-based app server and DMZ-based web front end where staff log in). I don't need to give users full desktops - apps will be enough although admins would find full desktop useful).

    And what ports should I be opening between internet/DMZ/LAN to achieve this in the most secure way?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Moving from Citrix to RDS


    Please start with:

    I recommanded to use a public certificate for the TS Gateway + SAN certificate for it (e.g and intserver.intdomain.local).

    I recommanded to add TMG server to the design and optional - using OTP + AD for authentication.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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