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TS tray issues with printers

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  • TS tray issues with printers

    I've spent some time today trying to kick this printer (Develop Ineo+ 203) but gotten nowhere.


    2008 R2 with Remote Desktop Services installed running Office 2003
    Clients are XP SP3 with latest .Net to support easy print.

    If you open word, type test, click print and then set any tray through properties the document prints from the right tray.
    If you open word, type test, go to File->Page Setup and set First Page to Tray 1, other pages to Tray 2 then everything comes out of tray 1.

    I've tried different drivers client side, all PCL6 as no PCL5 is available. There is a postscript driver but the software company prefer PCL and I'm not sure of the implications of using postscript these days.

    At the moment the verdict is a driver problem but I was wondering if anyone had seen similar behaviour with any printer through Remote Desktop Services and knows of a fix.

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    Re: TS tray issues with printers

    Have you checked the printers settings to make sure it's nothing that's set there? I've gotten fooled by that before.....


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      Re: TS tray issues with printers

      Yes, to clarify the previous setup had this printer installed to a 2003 SBS server, shared with clients connected to the share. The tray settings worked find locally.

      Data has been shifted from the 2003 SBS server to a remote 2008 SBS Server, hence the need for it to now work over Remote Desktop Services. I'm just running this months updates on the new TS (101.4MB, yay) but not holding my breath.