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Hosting 2008 terminal server on ESXi

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  • Hosting 2008 terminal server on ESXi

    Has anyone tried to install and use 2008 terminal serves on Vmware ESXi ?
    I'am considering moving my 2003 termianl servers to our new Vmware ESXi 4.1 Infrastructure and i'll be more than welcome to here basic tips regarding
    Licensing And Installation.


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    Re: Hosting 2008 terminal server on ESXi

    well, you would licence your terminal server in EXACTLY the same way as you would if it was a physical server.

    You would licence your ESXi server in which ever way is appropriate - your post suggests you already have ESXi infrastructure in place. (And ESXi you don't licence per-guest anyway)

    I can't really provide feedback on installation, although it should be more or less the same.
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      Re: Hosting 2008 terminal server on ESXi


      The same recommendation can by apply to Hyper-V R2 SP1 etc.:

      1. Please design the system requirments...

      2. Use Win 2008 R2 SP1 and not 2008.

      3. Check for application compatibility etc.

      4. Use DAS or FC SAN.

      5. Provides a full memory for the VM (e.g. dont allow memory sharing).

      * The same may apply for the VM CPU settings.

      6. Create a test lab.

      7. Use monitoring tools like:

      8. Deploying a Virtualized Session-Based Remote Desktop Services Solution

      9. Use 50 GB (min.) for C drive.

      10. Details for Virtual Reality Check - Phase II v1.0
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