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Urgent- Packet Drops on Clients

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  • Urgent- Packet Drops on Clients

    We are operating a Win 2003 Standard w/Terminal Services, AD, Domain Controller on a single machine.

    All users access the Domain through terminal services to access a single application on the server. We have installed a 1.5Mbps DSL line running through an Actiontec modem and into a NetGear FVS318 firewall. Two (2) remote locations are also accessing through FVS318's connected over a VPN.

    For troubleshooting purposes I have opened port 3389 to the host to try and verify packet loss. No change.

    What happens is that a remote user will be working, either in the appication or just browsing the server (admin) and the remote session will freeze. Any input data will catch up but it is service affecting and slow.

    The carrier has run multiple stress tests and we have uploaded FTP files to try and isolate the problem. We have also replaced the DSL Modem.

    After installing Ethereal and looking at the packets we saw that we were receiving multiple ACK's & Syn's, indications of dropped packets.

    We have replaced the Firewall and LAN switch and removed WINS, DNS from the server.

    Need help badly, looking for any other option to test.


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    Re: Urgent- Packet Drops on Clients

    I will need to go throught your diagnostic process in order to help.
    I am beginning with the assumption that the network is solid.
    Is the server multihomed?
    If are the nic's set manually full duplex 10mb ont the internet side 100mb on the LAN side?

    Lets start wth Local remote?
    Does the provlem come up local and remote?
    is it confined to the one rdp user?
    have you turned antivirus off on both sides?
    What does perfmon show on both machiens?