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RDS 2008R2 - and Office Places

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  • RDS 2008R2 - and Office Places

    Is there a way on RDS - configured as just terminal services on 2008R2 to remove or hide the My Network Places from the office 2003 places menu.

    I have locked down in Group Policy all for explorer and can find references to managing Office places in older versions of Windows but nothing for 2008R2

    What can be done please.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: RDS 2008R2 - and Office Places

    Did you checked the ADM files of Office 2003:
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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: RDS 2008R2 - and Office Places


      I couldn't see anything relevant there - to remove or hide or remove My Network Places when opening or saving files within office.

      Any other thoughts.

      Is there another way to do it perhaps so that all the computers in the network just don't display?


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        Re: RDS 2008R2 - and Office Places

        I have found this which I applied to the 2008RDS (terminal Services) server and works on the server - ie in office the Network Places option is removed when opening or saving a file - but doesn't work for the remote desktop users - anyone know what to do to make it apply to them too.