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RDS 2008 R2 Certificate problem

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  • RDS 2008 R2 Certificate problem

    Currently I'm working on a RDS 2008 R2 demo environment, with the next configuration:

    - 1x RDS Session Host server
    - 1x RDS Gateway Server
    - 1x RDS Web Server (rdweb)

    Finally the setup has to be running in a datacenter, but I getting stuck on this issue.

    On the RDS-GW and RDS-WEB servers I have imported a validated certificate from Comodo. Now I want to enable Sigle Sign On, but I don't have a validated certificate on the RDS Session Host server (Remote App Manager). When I import the certificate of the gateway, I'm getting the error that the certificate isn't created and valid on that machine. On that machine there is no IIS, so I can't create a new one for SSO.

    What do I have to do, so it's going to work?

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    Re: RDS 2008 R2 Certificate problem

    If the Windows 2008 R2 can't validated the certificate, it may cause due "bad certificate".
    The certificate that you bought should be trusted by default from any Windows OS.
    You can add Comdo certificate authority to the local trust CA of the RDS Session Host server but this can
    Create problems in the future.
    I recommended to contact Comdo support and check with then this issue.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: RDS 2008 R2 Certificate problem

      Thanks for your reply.

      No, that is not the problem. My question is how a add a valid certificate on a RDS Session Host server because a Host server doesn't have IIS which I use for creating certificates.

      How do I create a valid certificate to let SSO (Single Sign On - RDweb) work.

      Kind regards,


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        Re: RDS 2008 R2 Certificate problem
        1. On the RD Session Host server, open RemoteApp Manager. To open RemoteApp Manager, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, point to Remote Desktop Services, and then click RemoteApp Manager.
        2. In the Actions pane of RemoteApp Manager, click Digital Signature Settings. (Or, in the Overview pane, next to Digital Signature Settings, click Change.)
        3. Select the Sign with a digital certificate check box.
        4. In the Digital certificate details box, click Change.
        5. In the Select Certificate dialog box, select the certificate that you want to use, and then click OK.

          Note: The Select Certificate dialog box is populated by certificates that are located in the local computer's certificates store or in your personal certificate store. The certificate that you want to use must be located in one of these stores.


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