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2003 TS to 2008 TS

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  • 2003 TS to 2008 TS

    Currently I have a 2003 TS server using per device CAL's. The main purpose is to have some remote users access a particular application on a 2003 server.

    The plan is to up grade this application, as per vendor requirements, to a 2008 server.

    My question is will I need to upgrade my current TS server? When I mean upgrade, I mean, OS and new 2008 TS licences.

    Or should I been fine running 2003 TS?

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    Re: 2003 TS to 2008 TS

    Unless you don't want the vendor support, you need to update the rds server to 2008. That also means your licensing server and rds cals need to be updated to 2008.

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      Re: 2003 TS to 2008 TS

      So I take it that in order to upgrade the licensing server, that means that it will have to have the OS upgraded too?

      Sorry, my TS licensing knowledge is about 8 years old. From what I remember from 2000 TS to 2003 TS, we had to upgrade to OS from 2000 to 2003. I take it this is still the same?


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        Re: 2003 TS to 2008 TS

        For what I remember, you can add Win 2008 R2 TS CAL to Windows 2003 TS license server.
        However, if you will like to use rhis license for Windows 2008 R2 TS (for example), you may need install Windows 2008 R2 TS license server.
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        Yuval Sinay

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          Re: 2003 TS to 2008 TS

          Thanks for the reply's everyone.

          I checked back with the application vendor and it looks like we can have the TS server on the same server as the app. Which is good and bad at the same time.

          Good: No new extra hardware
          Bad: Now the upgrade for the app is going to take more time