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Can TS/TS with web access provide valued to SMBs?

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  • Can TS/TS with web access provide valued to SMBs?

    I have a small business network with about 8 computers. They've been peer to peer for some time and would like a server now with terminal services. I'm somewhat debating this, but am happy because I am learning a lot in researching.

    The primary question is, a ts200v with i5 processor and 8GB RAM- is that sufficient for 6 to 8 simultaneous users?

    Also I am wondering how all those users will use MS Office 2003- will we need new licenses for each user or can they use the existing licenses on their desktop machines if we uninstall first?

    What about real value.. Is it safe to assume they will never have to buy another desktop again, but rather terminals and because of this it is beneficial in the long run to go this route?

    What about special programs like Quickbooks that usually run on the desktop, and other database programs like Act!- should these work in this type of environment? My goal is to do this only if real value can be achieved to them. Any thoughts? Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Can TS/TS with web access provide valued to SMBs?

    For 8 computers, I can recommanded to use a regular PCs...
    However, to plan TS solution you will need to obtain a full details on the application type, application support for TS etc.
    Also, Win 2000 is old and you will need at least 2x servers to provide 24/7 service.
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    Yuval Sinay

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