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TS Gateway Architecutre during reboots?

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  • TS Gateway Architecutre during reboots?

    Per this diagram:

    If the host labeled TS Gateway or the host labeled TS Web Access is rebooted, will the client labeled Windows Vista RDC (TS) client drop their session?

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    Re: TS Gateway Architecutre during reboots?

    TS Gateway convert HTTPS -> RDP or RDP -> HTTPS - so reboot this server will disconnect the clients.
    TS Web is using for publish applications for browser access. You can skip on it and use RDP instead.
    In theory, after a user connect to the application from the TS Web, he can work with this application even if the TS Web rebooted. However, access to a new applications will require re-authentication.
    There is an option to use the old TS web site, so client using ActiveX client to access the TS Farm. In this case, the TS web is using for ActiveX client download and then the client open direct RDP connection to the server.
    Due the latest changes from MS, I recommended to implement a small lab and check this theory.
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