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Network default user profile group policy

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  • Network default user profile group policy

    Hi All

    We have just installed a server 2008 remote desktop services server environment. I have read on microsoft's site regarding creating a Network Default user profile from which the server can pull a default profile from. However, I would like to change the location of this default profile from the \\<Server_name>\NETLOGON location to another share I have created on my network. I was wondering if this is possible to do so through a group policy as I plan to also add another remote desktop server sometime soon. I cannot seem to find any references to such a group policy existing. Am I wrong?

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    Re: Network default user profile group policy

    I don't thin k it can be done. A default user profile can be created from one of two locations:

    1. The NETLOGON share on your domain controller(s), as you've stated.

    2. The local Default User profile on each RDS server.


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      Re: Network default user profile group policy

      2nd joe, but could you possibly setup a folder redirection to the new location?

      I do not know if folder redirection works for network system folders, but if its that important that the files not be kept there, you could try that.

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        Re: Network default user profile group policy


        I guess that you dont have to use netlogon share:
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          Re: Network default user profile group policy

          Hi All

          Thanks for the information and tips. I think I'll stick with the option of a local profile as I wouldn't want all the XP PC's picking up the profile and the profiles are intended for the RDS Servers only.
          I think it is a pity that it has been set this way as I think it would work nicely, such as differing profiles for each department.

          Much appreciated for all you help.