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terminal services licensing issue (2000)

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  • terminal services licensing issue (2000)

    hello one and all

    we are currently in the process of planning a move over too server 2008 (R2) but in the mean time we are still running server 2000.

    i have two terminal servers with a seperate terminal services license server

    on the licensing server i have: 11 temp licenses issued, 5 unissued (of an open license agreement) and 23 issued (of an open license agreement)

    if that makes sense??

    the issue im having is that one of the clients can not connect an is just displaying "Can not connect due to a network error" the network where the client is connecting is fine, cable checked/ socket and hardware, i have changed the client too.

    so i can only think its not issuing licenses so wont allow the connection

    i know you cant "take back" a license but i cant under stand why its not issueing the available licenses.

    in the event log for the server im receiving Error 1010 the temrinal server could not locate a licence server confirm etc etc pings work to both ip of the license server and the full domain name.

    any ideas? im stuck!!

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    Re: terminal services licensing issue (2000)

    Did you point the 2000 TS to the license server manually?!
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: terminal services licensing issue (2000)

      hi thanks for your reply

      no the licensing server is not specified in the reg.

      although it seems to be working better now...

      on the licensing server i now have licenses allocated to a number of clients although some clients are still not able to connect.

      i still have licenses available.

      we are using a mixture of Wyse and HP thin clients.

      anybody any ideas?

      would specifically specifying the licensing server within terminal services help?!