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RDS RemoteApp and shared network folder?

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  • RDS RemoteApp and shared network folder?


    I'm hoping this is an easy question. I am in the beginning phase researching MS RDS RemoteApp for my remote users. I know that you can publish apps and the remote users can see which apps you publish via the Web Interface. But I'm wondering can you also publish a shared network folder? As in they see the Shared folder and can browse to open the corresponding pdf, doc or excel file?


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    Re: RDS RemoteApp and shared network folder?

    While I have been looking into Remoteapps myself, I do not have a enviroment that I can actuly test this with, and I was not able to find a yes or no answer from Google.

    I would just give it a go if you have a test enviroment, and if you can not stright link to the folder, you could make a CMD file that opens the folder, something simple like
    C:\Start C:\temp
    will open the temp folder in windows explorer (taking into account premissions and all that).

    If you do try this, please let us know, as it would be nice to file away.

    Good to be back....