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RDS, print on a remote printer

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  • RDS, print on a remote printer


    I installed a Windows 2008 R2 Std ed. I use it only for Terminal services (RDS)
    Documents and Print service role are installed.
    We have 4 locations (A, B, C and D).

    An employee in location B need to print on others printers located in the 3 others locations.
    Problem, only administrator can see all TS printers.
    User can print only on their printers.

    If i change ACL on the printers using print management mmc, user can print on all printers, but it is not a good solution, because tomorrow, i need to do the same thing : modify acl on printers

    There's any way to give him an access on all printers ?


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    Re: RDS, print on a remote printer

    There are some pieces that are missing here.

    1) Are the printers USB or network printers
    2) Is the TS accessible via the Web Interface, Citrix, VPN, etc
    3) Do the locations share a Domain or are they seperate

    There is a REALLY simple and REALLY dangerous way to give your users the ability to see other printers connected via sessions: Add them to the Power Users Group.

    The problems are availability. Do you know for sure John in Location B will always be online so I can print to his HP Laser?

    I don't use 2008 on my TS farm, but if you give some information I might be able to help.