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Printing Via Terminal Services

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  • Printing Via Terminal Services


    Thanks in advance for any support or guidance. I'm having a bit of an problem getting this sorted out in my head as to its possibility, so just want someone to unfuggle my brain

    We have a remote site that connects using a VPN client on to their desktops (Windows XP SP3) and then connects to a Terminal Services (hosted on a windows 2003 Server) connection. They have 2 MFD's on site which have local IP addresses. As an innitial setup I have installed the printers manually on the computers using a standard TCP/IP port which is then pulled in to their Terminal Services sessions.

    This is ok for the innitial setup, but from an ongoing management side of it i dont want my service desk constantly installing printers (in the main offices, we just get the staff to install the queue's via the print shared on a print server).

    So down to the there any way to have a the MFD hosted on a Print Server outside of the office (no comms room and dont want it installing in the office as dont want the necessity of keeping a pc turned on) and the desktops to connect via a shared printer on the sever so that we can manage the queue's easier in the future and make setting up new queue's on desktops easier.

    would routes etc need to be configured or something to get this working?



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    Re: Printing Via Terminal Services

    I am alittle confushed (with a massivly large head arce), but it sounds to me as if you have Clients VPN into the office (Windows XP), then RDP to a Terminal server (2003).

    You have 2 MFD that you would like the users to be able to print to from the TS and from the Work stations?

    Could you not just install the printer on the TS and Shair back to the work stations?
    Failing that, you could just GPO to install the printer locally (still manully configured, but at the neck and not the toes).

    I can not see what you are trying to achive by installing a external print server, as how would that differ from a internal print server with external access?

    Good to be back....