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TS Gateway will not Authenticate using Smarcard

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  • TS Gateway will not Authenticate using Smarcard

    I am running SBS 2008 and I am trying to require Smartcard authentication for TS Gateway access. I am using eToken USB devices from Aladdin. I have configured the system and I can successfully log in to a workstation with the eToken client installed using Smartcard authentication, so I believe my PKI infrastructure (CA and such) are working correctly.

    I have configured the TS Gateway CAP to use Smartcard authentication only, but I am having the following results:

    If I try and login using the RDP 7 client and I specify the use of a gateway, I get the screen requiring my PIN to unlock the Smartcard, but it won't authenticate. It keeps asking for my PIN as if the Smartcard did not unlock or it didn't recognize the Certificate.

    If I login using RWW and "connect to computer", it logs on using PW authentication and never asks for the Smartcard login.

    Antyone out there have any thoughts?