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Prevent users from logging onto TS with Active User.

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  • Prevent users from logging onto TS with Active User.


    We have a stand alone 2003 server that acts as a terminal server, and hosts a program to format and print legal documents.
    We have limited licenses for this software (4) , and a larger number of users who need to use the software(20+). Getting more license is not a possibilty, so having unique logon's is sadly not possible (the server also will not take the load of all the extra staff)

    What I need to do is to stop the User B logging over the top of User A when both try to log onto profile A. We would like it to display any error message, that way the users can just try the next log on, till they get one that works, and if not, they can just wait. Currently, no one is able to print a finished document as the users keep stealing there sessions and causing a ton of fighting.

    Any help would be great, tried to google it, but have not been able to find anything on this, but I currently have a head full of antihistamines and other things that could be slowing my brain down.


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    Re: Prevent users from logging onto TS with Active User.

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      Re: Prevent users from logging onto TS with Active User.

      Citrix or third party provider can be useful for this task. Also, you can use some logon script ot check if the software have 4 instance and provide an error message to the user.
      However, if users need this software (and I guess that this is the current case) – please recommended to you manager to buy more licenses.
      Btw.. Some of the software vendor can provide you a “flying” license for this task.
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        Re: Prevent users from logging onto TS with Active User.

        Sadly its less to do with the number of license and more to do with the number of connections the server can stand up to. The solution we are deploying is not perfect, but its designed for this site, and to help support a program thats being phased out in the next year.

        So, its not possible to get more license, we did have the uses using there own log ons, and the server would lock up every 2 hours, and the owner will not buy a more powerful server. This is how it is, now, back to the question.

        Does anyone know of a way to stop a user logging in over the top of themselfs?

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          Re: Prevent users from logging onto TS with Active User.

          You can have a look of limitlogon which might help.
          however if new hardware or even licenses can't be bought I surly hope this is legal.
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