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Surface 4 Pro restarts Windows 2012 R2 Terminal Server when it logs off

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  • Surface 4 Pro restarts Windows 2012 R2 Terminal Server when it logs off

    I have a Surface 4 Pro with the latest update, 2/17/2016, using a docking station with adapters from Microsoft, 2 external monitors, using all monitors attached in full screen mode, it will restart the server when the user logs off. I have several Surface 3 Pros that have never cause this issue. One is using the same docking station that the Surface Pro 4 uses. If you use 1 monitor in a window, it will not do it. I have contacted Microsoft twice on this issue and have received no help from the Surface Tech Support. When I contact Microsoft direct for the Windows 2012 R2 Terminal Server, they say I have to contact Surface support. Has anyone else had this issue with Terminal Server and Surface 4 Pro units? Any ideas on what I can do to correct? When the Server restarts, I am not seeing any errors in the event viewer as to why it was restarted.

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    Have you watched this behavior in action and are you sure that the user isn't inadvertently restarting the server?


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      The user only has logoff and disconnect rights. I have done it myself with a laptop connected to the server as admin and connecting with you user login on the Surface 4 Pro. I will restart the server every time you logoff the Surface 4. If you disconnect, it will not restart. If I logoff the disconnected session, it will restart the server.