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What to quote for a new server

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  • What to quote for a new server

    Hi Guys, I have been out of the game for about 4-5 years and all this new hardware is blowing my mind.
    I am setting up a business which mostly uses web browsers to login to Salesforce etc and Microsoft 365.
    I am looking at purchasing two identical hp rack mount servers and probably running a storage array with HA and load balancing on either Xen or VMware.

    Can anyone shed any light on their set-ups and recommendations?
    I'm looking at 6gb/s sas vs 12gb/s as the main differences in server choice bus since I am using a storage array this doesn't matter.
    Any recomendations on the storage array?
    I will be running a DC, possibly with exchange on it, a load balancing server, the two RD servers and one storage server.

    They are looking at around 40 users to start and doubling in a year or two.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Have you done any sizing requirements.. ? User profile storage space etc, will you be load-balancing your RDS Servers (you might need RDGW As well as 2xRDS, not sure). If you're using office365, what are your plans for onsite Exchange?
    You can't size your storage array until you know what IOPS you need..
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