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MSTS on windows 2008 R2 scaling

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  • MSTS on windows 2008 R2 scaling

    hi all,

    I have (once more) a question for the MSTS gurus here:

    I am planning a small remote datacentre for about 50 users, doing normal office work in terminals.
    The question is how do I count the amounts of resources required?

    Right now the plan is to bring up a 8Gb 2core VM running win2k8r2 or them, will that be enough?

    Second question - how do I count and scale this, considering I am planning to reach an approx. of 800 users eventually?

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    Re: MSTS on windows 2008 R2 scaling

    Good day.

    I don't have the same situation you do, but maybe this will help.

    We have a couple of terminal servers running 2003 Enterprise Edition, one 4-core 12 GB VM and one 8-core 16-GB physical server.

    We have about 80 users per box, and they run a custom database front end which uses about 100-200 MB RAM per session. Since they aren't all active at once, our setup gives us a little slack for expansion.

    Based on my experience, your 50 users running office apps (word proc, e-mail, etc.) will use at least 250 MB each, which is 12.5 GB not counting OS overhead. So your proposed setup sounds a little light on hardware.

    For users running office apps, we use a VMWare cluster hosting virtual Windows XP desktops. That gives better processor and memory utilization.

    For 50 users, I'd recommend starting with an 8-core server with 32 GB RAM and go from there.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: MSTS on windows 2008 R2 scaling


      Please divide the resources to a two separate VM's (each of separate LUN). The amount of CPU's depend on the type of the applications that you plan to use. Sometimes, you may get a better performance with a single CPU. The memory of each VM should be at least 8 GB for VM.
      Disk size: at least: 50 GB for C drive, and application installation should be done to a D drive (50-100 GB size).
      You can use Folder Redirect option/roaming profile. To provide services for 800, I recommanded to use Citrix XenApp 6 or other third party add-on.
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