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advice on terminal server

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  • advice on terminal server

    I need your advice before investing on any terminal solution.
    I have a remote office connected via VSAT link with a 210 kbps BW. 8 users are based on this site and they are complaining about the delay.
    What is the best terminal solution?
    What will be the impact of high latency and low bandwidth on it?


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    Any terminal solution where the user does not 'share' files between the local login and the remote terminal session should be an improvement, because only keyboard/mouse activity are passed up to the terminal server, and only screen video is passed down--all the work is done on the server. But with bandwidth as low as what you claim, even that will be slow. And where document files are passed between the local and terminal sites, that BW means you're hosed, as things stand. Any chance at changing the remote site connectivity, even up to a T1?
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