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Having some users work localy, who normaly use RDS/TS

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  • Having some users work localy, who normaly use RDS/TS

    Hi all

    I have various clients connecting to a colo centre with RDS and have various branch sites. Some have requirements for better refresh rates than what RDS offers, so dont like using RDS. I feel remote fx is too expensive an option. Plus RDS suffers if there is bad copper.

    Just wondering what you guys do, or suggest with staff who do not want to work on an RDS all the time, but still want to make use of its benefits, e.g. when they leave the office and work from home. Im toying with a lot of different ideas and just seeing if there are more elegant ways of doing this.

    So I want some users to have the ability to work locally, but I would use either remote desktop published apps, or app-v to push to their desktops the apps that absolutely need a server to run, but other things like web browsing would be local.

    Things that need to be addressed though are the profiles would need to sync , so that when they get home, their desktop items, documents settings are all the same, so roaming profiles, UE-V? There would probably need to be a copy of data locally DFS with a local copy of their data drive, so data is snappy to access instead of over the WAN.

    Any better ways of doing this?

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    Usually, on Citrix or RDS it's not good idea to let user browse Internet with highly graphic web sites, especially with sites having flash or video like Youtube. On Citrix you can use Host-to-client redirection to redirect URLs to local browser. But on RDS there is no built in solution for that, MOD EDIT - Removed software. Next time i'll ban as its advertising. If you require advertising please contact Daniel directly.


    Thomas Tran
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      Ok, I'll keep looking. I might have to look at something entirely web based. Citrix is pretty expensive. Its fine for the SME to enterprise market, as they have the capital. But for smaller clients, it's not economically feasible.