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applications availability on RDSHs

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  • applications availability on RDSHs

    in my recent post (yesterday June 10) "isolate" access to RDSH hosts in RDS farm I created kind of abracadabra question by involving RemoteApp and Appv for explanation of my needs.

    I want to ask just the basic question about Apps installation on RDSHs and functionnality of connections redirection in RDS 2012 R2 environment.


    in evironment with 2 RDSH hosts and 2 brokers (load balancing configured) the same apps are installed on both RDSHs.
    What will happen if third RDSH will be added to the farm but will not have any applications installed?

    Would all connections be distributed between 2 RDSHs having the apps and the trird one will not be involved because it doesn`t have any apps.?

    or broker will do:
    first user will be connected to RDSH1, second to RDSH2 and 3 to RDSH 3 that doesn`t have any application and connection will fail?
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    I believe the 3rd server will not receive any connections because it doesn't have any application published. But it's been awhile since I was digging into RemoteApp on 2012.

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